The secret to warm feet

Windtex Thermal socks 2

It’s strange how a product suddenly becomes a favourite. Just lately in the unpredictable Spring weather, I’ve been reaching for my Parentini Thermal Windtex socks. Over the winter, I’d been using a thick merino sock under some neoprene overshoes. Moving into April and the sudden warm spell had me wearing thin summer socks with a thin oversock to protect my shoes and keep the early morning cold off my toes. Heading to do the Paris Roubaix challenge the other week, I thought I’d wear this combination again, but forgetting to pack my oversocks saw me resorting to Plan B. Luckily I’d packed the Thermal Windtex socks, and wearing them over the tough 104 miles was a revelation.

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They’re so comfortable, and more importantly – warm! Setting off at Roubiax, I was shivering with the cold, rainy morning, but my feet were like toast. And they continued like that all day – in fact, the sign of a good cycling product is forgetting you’re wearing it. The fact they’re made of such a thin material means my feet don’t go numb through pinching shoes – which often happens with bulky winter socks. So I arrived at the Roubaix velodrome knackered but happy, warm and comfortable.

I’ve continued wearing them since, even when the weather is pleasant. Due to the Windtex membrane, they breathe well so my feet don’t overheat, even with the lovely, soft brushed lining. And the beauty of the weatherproof windtex membrane is that the thin material packs a punch – windproof and waterproof. They have a lovely comfortable elastic cuff, that not only stops the socks falling down but also minimises ingress of water from the top. The fit is perfect due to the well cut anatomic panels, and there is no chafing or rubbing due to the outside stitching. A lot of effort and thought has gone into these ‘humble’ socks.

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Even racing at the weekend on a rain-sodden sporting time trial course couldn’t deter these socks. During the tough 15 miles my feet were still dry and warm. It meant I could concentrate on turning the pedals hard, without thinking about how cold my feet were. The less you have to think about, the more you can feel the pain!


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