Short sleeves? In Winter!

Short sleeved Mossa & K Dry arm warmers

My life on the Parentini Test Team has been an interesting one, and in this short time, I’ve overcome years of cycling experience and perceived wisdom and tried some things on the bike for the first time:

  1. Trained in temperatures below freezing in just two layers courtesy of the Mossa.2
  2. Trained in the rain with just two layers courtesy of the Mossa
  3. Cycled without bibshorts under bibtights, thanks to a pair of P.2100s

The above list isn’t that earth shattering compared to what I did at the weekend, though.

After numerous suggestions from Parentini, I went out training on a cold windy day, in a short sleeve jersey and arm warmers!

Now considering I sometimes go out in the summer wearing arm warmers, this was a big step for me. But, as with all things Parentini, I shouldn’t have worried. After all, the short sleeve top was a Mossa.

I’d been given some winter Test Team kit last year, which included a short-sleeved Mossa. Apon seeing it, I instantly put it away in the wardrobe, marked ‘Use for Springtime’.

Fast forward 5 months, and I was in the middle of a hard training block. My other Mossa’s were in the wash and the next day’s weather report had changed to strong winds and showers. There was only one thing for it. Heed Parentini’s advice and get the short sleeved Mossa out of its packaging, along with the K Dry armwarmers I’d also been saving, and get them ready for the morning.

That morning’s ride was a revelation. The Mossa and K Dry arm warmers are a match made in heaven. The K Dry add another layer of warmth over a long sleeve baselayer. They’re water repellent, so my arms stayed dry, however, because they’re not windproof you do get the bonus that your arms don’t sweat and help to cool you a little. The Mossa did its usual sterling job.

Now granted, I won’t be reaching for this combo on rides in temperatures around 0-2 degrees, but anything above I will do. And the beauty is when the temperatures do pick up, I can use a short sleeve base layer and even non K Dry arm warmers.

Honestly, if anyone asks me now which Mossa to get, I will recommend the short-sleeved version. It seems more versatile and adaptable. It will also be the perfect solution to those riders who have unusually long arms and struggle with sleeve length on jackets.

As with all things in life: don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

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  1. Richard Davies

    I’ve just bought the same combination – short sleeved Mossa, K-Dry arm warmers and long sleeved carbon base layer. Rode in 40mph (64kph) winds at the weekend and was, if anything, a little warm. Still waiting for a showery day to give the Mossa a full test. So far, so good.

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