Roubaix review – thoughts on the K Dry Shark bibtights

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Whilst cycling kit reviews from professional journalists at cycling publications is a great asset to a brand, nothing beats feedback, opinions and review from ‘real’ day-to-day cyclists. Riders who one day will train on their commute to work, the next are out on the local chaingang and at the weekend are exploring their local back roads or flying down a dual carriageway in a time trial.

One such rider is Chris, who runs the Roubaix Cycling blogsite. Here he eloquently reviews all manner of cycling kit, putting it through its paces on his commute and weekend rides. His feedback and opinion are the types that all other ‘normal’ cyclists will understand and relate to.

Amongst his reviews have been a few Parentini garments. He’s already a big fan of the Mossa, Mossa.2 and more recently the P.5000 gloves. His latest review of the K Dry Shark bibtights is, yet again, full of glowing praise.

Below is a snippet of his thoughts. Read the full review here.


Just before I started writing this review one reader asked me whether I thought that Parentini were up there with the premium brands like Rapha, Assos and Castelli. And I think that’s a fair question to ask. It’s certainly the case that you may not have heard of them prior to you reading my blog. Indeed, I didn’t really know about them until about a year or so ago when I first read a piece about the Mossa on I was initially sceptical about their claim of waterproofing but I recognised at that point that they’d done lots of things with the Mossa that I’d have liked to have seen in the Gabba. This wasn’t a case of a company following a trend but one that wanted to set it. So, I can answer that question. Parentini is a premium brand. There’s no doubt that’s the case. I’m very grateful to them for providing me kit to review over the winter months because, in addition to being something very interesting to write about, I’ve been using it solidly. There can be no better recommendation than that.

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