Riding naked in Winter

Dy and comfortable in the Mossa.2

I’ve now been riding in Parentini clothing for over a year now. And as most of my cycling mate’s will testify, I’ve become a bit like a Tuscan disciple, forever wanting to spread the word about how great this clothing is, and how bringing it into your life will enrich your cycling and make you a better rider.

OK, I’m perhaps exaggerating here, but I do like to spread the word. One of my mate’s recently left his cycling club. Without any ‘plain’ kit, he didn’t hesitate to ask me about Parentini and duly order some items. It turned out though that this wasn’t his first Parentini clothing. Unbeknown to him, his favourite jersey he wore when he first started out cycling in the early 1980s was a Del Tongo jersey. It appears Alan has come full circle.

I met him for a wet and mucky ride this weekend, his first outing in his new kit. Here is his summary:


Comparing past sporting achievements with modern day performances is something that never gives a true and proven result; Bartali/Nibali, Merckx/Boonen, Anquetil/Hinault.

It is however possible to compare technology some thirty years later, especially if you rode then and now!

In 1982 aged 17, I can remember reading Cycling Weekly, the UK’s only cycle magazine, and seeing a photo of Giuseppe Saronni winning the Worlds at Goodwood and wanting the iconic Del Tongo black, white and yellow jersey. God how I loved that Parentini road top. Three button rear pockets that could hold my tools, three tubs, bonk rations and “waterproof” race cape. Having to be so prepared caused the jersey to be half a metre longer at the back than the front. When it rained the jersey migrated to just below the knees and, despite its wool-like feel and texture, offered no thermal properties whatsoever! In deepest Winter the jersey would be used as one of the 6 layers that were required to maintain any kind of heat. The outer layer would be a black nylon fronted winter top that due to the amount of clothing made me look like a black-wrapped silage bale wearing a casquette!

Jump forward to 2015 and the comparison between that beloved 80’s look and the Mossa.2 I’m now wearing is incredible. Paired up with a Parentini base layer and K Dry bib tights the Mossa.2 is superb. Three hours of driving rain at 5 degrees and you’re warm and comfortable.

So comfortable I had to check I hadn’t forgotten to put the K Dry tights on and wasn’t riding naked!

The development of kit has got to be one of the best improvements for all cyclists regardless of ability. So, while you might not win the Worlds like Beppe, you can look and feel the part with Parentini.

Water repellent K Dry

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