Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Parentini Extreme Summer lightweight jersey

Mark E Smith, genius frontman of the perennial band, The Fall, wrote the song “Repetition” in 1978. It featured on their first EP and delivered the lines:

‘This is the three Rs
The three Rs:
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition’

It was to become the band’s mantra – their music always boasting a driving, repetitive beat.

Well I’m afraid I’m going to become repetitive as well. My mantra is to drive home the following message to anyone that will listen.

The Parentini Extreme Jersey is the best summer cycling jersey you will ever own.

I know I’ve written a review of the jersey already, but that was entwined with my trip to Monte Grappa, and my first ride on my new bike. That article didn’t do justice to how bloody good this jersey is.

I’ve not stopped wearing it since I got back from Italy. Despite owning other jerseys (albeit not Parentini) that I could wear on subsequent daily training sessions, my current routine after a ride is to throw the Extreme jersey into the wash, ready for the next day. Water conservation and saving money is tossed aside, just so long as I can wear this jersey on my next ride. Which is a bit ironic, because the biggest benefit of this piece of kit is that you don’t feel like your wearing it. It is so comfortable, not only in it’s fit, but it’s temperature regulation and dryness. I’ve recently bought a power meter, and this week has seen me doing two sessions of various power tests – all extremely full on and all done in extreme temperatures during this current heat wave. I was dry as a bone in the Extreme jersey. The other article talks about the technicalities of how Parentini achieve this, so I won’t repeat it here. All you need to know is that this jersey can handle eye balls out cycling in 30+ degrees. It would be the perfect lightweight jersey to take on your trip to some European mountain range. Not only because it will handle the ascent no problem, it will also benefit you on the descent. It’s cleverly tailored, fitted cut means you will have no excess material flapping and catching in the wind. The biggest sign that this jersey has been devised by an expert is behind the neck. Most jerseys I’ve owned have gathered up in this area, especially on the drops. This doesn’t happen when wearing the Extreme. It’s as if you’ve been dipped in red, white and black paint, the fabric clinging to your every contour and yet remaining comfortable and giving you the full range of movement. The last thing you want when you’re on the rivet is to be annoyed by your clothing.

In all my years of cycling, I never thought I’d eulogise about some pieces of fabric stitched together. Mind you I never thought I’d be quoting Mark E Smith in an online blog. But as the Mancunian ranted – ‘We dig repetition’. So I’ve ordered some more Extreme jerseys, so I can continue to be repetitive in what I wear, and not be repetitive doing 30 degree Eco washing programmes.

Pro fit Parentini Extreme JerseyJust in case you’re open to all sorts of music, here is a link to listen to ‘Repetition’ by The Fall.


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