Glowing Pro Cycling Mossa test

Pro Cycling MossaTest 2

Pro Cycling magazine recently got their hands on the new Mossa, and gave it a good test on UK roads. Judging by the Review, we’d say they were more than impressed:

“The Castelli Gabba jersey is a worldwide smash hit so it’s no surprise that other manufacturers are trying to get a piece of the action. Parentini is an italian brand with a history as long and storied as Castelli’s. Rather than settling for a ‘me too’ product and copying the Gabba, Parentini have looked at ways of improving on it.

We know that the Gabba is only water-repellent and soaks through after a while. More problematically, it loses its water-resistance after just a few washes unless you use softener-free detergent (though its label doesn’t say that).

Parentini claim their new Mossa is fully waterproof, four times stretchier than a Gabba and washable because its water-repellency doesn’t rely on a surface treatment, yet it’s also fully breathable. The key to this black magic is the Windtex fabric.

The Mossa soon proved itself to us. Rain simply beads off and it’s fully windproof, forming a complete barrier to our sullen climate. It’s warm enough for cool days with just a base layer and it’s very effective if worn with water-repellent arm warmers. The stretchy fit is very comfortable though it does feel more like a light jacket than a jersey. The breathability is good – far better than a traditional rain jacket – but it does need a tight base layer.

VERDICT: Beats the famous Gabba at its own game.”

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