Parentini’s K Dry range and the ‘Hydro’ treatment


If you’ve been following this blog or taken a look at Parentini’s online catalogue, you’ll probably be aware of the K Dry range.

A few people are a little uncertain about K Dry, and we’ve also received questions about Parentini’s ‘Hydro’ treatment, so we’ve put together this little article to explain.

As a general introduction, there are two types of fabrics used in the K Dry collection. Firstly, there are the outer rain shells and gilets, followed by the ‘softer’ K Dry items, which feature Super Roubaix fabric and includes bibtights, bibshorts, arm warmers, knee warmers and leg warmers.

‘Hydro’ is Parentini’s own DWR water repellent treatment, and is used in the K Dry soft items to add water repellency. ‘Hydro’ is also used on many of Parentini’s winter jackets and gilets (including the Mossa) to add extra protection, particularly around the garment’s seams.


K Dry Rainshells and gilets

Fabric & technology
These are traditional rain capes and gilets, made of water resistant and wind proof fabrics, available in two weights. A transparent, ‘Summer’ weight version, that packs down incredibly small and is therefore, perfect for carrying in a back pocket in the summer months, ready to be worn in case of a rain shower or a cold descent. There is also a heavier weight version. These can be packed down (although nowhere near as small as the summer weight ones) but are really intended to be worn for longer periods on the bike, in the colder months.

All the K Dry jacket and gilets range are made from a very technical and elastic poliamide fabric. Both feature a polyurethane outer finish, with the heavier weight versions having a more robust finish.

• 100% waterproof fabric
• Breathable
• Lightweight
• Elastic fabric for optimum fit and comfort

The lightweight rainshells and gilets are available in ‘transparent’ white, black and yellow flouro.
The heavyweight versions are available in flouro/black and black/flouro.


K Dry ‘Super Roubaix’

Fabric & technology
This range of garments are made with Parentini’s soft and luxurious Super Roubaix fabric. The inner side of this fabric is brushed (achieved by rubbing a large comb type tool to one side of the fabric as it’s being made), which raises the fabric into a soft pile. The tiny spaces within this pile then trap warm air next to your skin. These type of ‘roubaix’ fabrics are excellent insulators, however, their downside is that they absorb water easily, and once wet can lose their thermal properties.

So Parentini developed a K Dry water repellent version of Super Roubaix using their ‘Hydro’ treatment. The idea is simple. The fabric is held in baths of nanomolecular solution. This impregnates the fabric with water repellent molecules. The result is that water cannot ‘adhere’ to the fabric. It literally runs off, therefore it takes longer for the roubaix fabric to get wet and lose it’s thermal properties. The result is you stay drier and warmer on your rides.


However, these K Dry garments (and any garment with the ‘Hydro’ protection) need to be cared for sensitively. Washing with harsh detergents can strip the fabric of it’s ‘Hydro’ nanomolecules. Ideally, they should be washed with soap flakes (this doesn’t harm the Hydro treatment) on a gentle wash cycle with minimum spin.

• Water repellent
• Warm and insulating
• Breathable
• Lightweight
• Elastic fabric for optimum fit and comfort
• Bibtights, bibshorts, leg warmers and knee warmers feature anatomical tailoring for the perfect fit

You can have these garments in any colour as long as it’s black! (Although custom accessories can be made with the hydro treatment)

Fit and sizing for all K Dry garments

Sizes Jerseys/ Jackets/ Vest
Shorts/ Tights/ Skinsuit
S 94cm 170/175cm
M 98cm 176/180cm
L 104cm 181/185cm
XL 110cm 186/188cm
XXL 116cm 189/190cm
3XL 120cm


K Dry Super Roubaix are the perfect partner with
Parentini’s K Dry soft garments are excellent choices to use with the Mossa and Mossa.2. The bibtights and leg warmers add great protection and water repellency to the lower part of the body. And using the K Dry arm warmers means you can opt for the short sleeved Mossa. Choosing this combination adds an element of flexibility, meaning you can have full protection on bad days, but use normal arm warmers on dryer days, which would add an element of breathability and heat regulation.





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