Parentini Mossa – how to achieve the right fit and size

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There is no doubt the Parentini Mossa is an exceptional bit of kit – a high performing all weather jacket, capable of withstanding anything the weather can throw at you.

However, in order for it to perform to the best of its abilities, you need to make sure you have the right size so that it fits correctly. In this article, we will explain how to get the perfect fit.

The secret to the Mossa’s performance is the Windtex Storm Shield membrane, this is the middle section of the Mossa’s light and super elasticated tri-laminate fabric. This innovative fabric makes choosing the right size very easy. The Mossa’s superiority, when compared to similar garments, is not only its waterproof qualities, but it’s elasticity. It can stretch 5 times more than other all-weather fabrics. In order for other manufacturers to get their all weather garments to fit right, they have to make their jackets longer.

The reason such a thin garment works well in cold weather is that the Mossa utilises your sweat as a thermal barrier. Once the sweat reaches the Storm Shield membrane, it sits there and then evaporates, acting as a thermoregulator, keeping you warm. Similar all weather garments export the sweat completely out leaving the fabric and the body cold. However, in order for the Mossa to keep you warm, you have to be riding hard enough to generate sweat, it’s this sweating and evaporation process that allows you to ride comfortably in very low temperatures. It’s worth knowing that the Mossa does not make you warm, the Mossa only keeps you warm, regulating your body temperature as you ride hard – it’s not a garment intended for standing around in or riding at a slow pace.

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So because of the Mossa’s particular performance characteristics, you need to make sure the jacket is a very close fit. Every part of the garment needs to fit close to your skin so that your sweat is quickly transported to the inner membrane – leaving your skin nice and dry.

The Mossa has been anatomically designed so that it fits as close as possible, especially when you’re in a forward riding position. Hence, the short front and longer dropped back. The Mossa short front panel is designed to eliminate any fabric bunching on the front, particularly around the chest. If any bunching happens, air-pockets are created which means no sweat is carried to the membrane, leaving cold patches in that area.


The best way to imagine the Mossa concept is to think of a wet-suit. The tight fitting wet suit traps a film of water against your body, which is then heated by your body, keeping you warm.

Another way to get maximum performance from your Mossa is to use a polypropylene baselayer, as these perform much better with the Storm Shield membrane. The reasons behind this are explained in this article.


So which size should you buy?
All Parentini garments are true to size, you don’t need to buy a size up or down. So if you’re a medium then go for the medium Mossa. Don’t be worried if it looks small on the hanger – unlike a lot of other brands’ all weather jackets, the Mossa is very stretchy, so it will fit as the designer intended.

Try the garment on (In front of a mirror if you can) and then assume your usual forward riding position, by leaning forward as the jacket is anatomically cut for this type of riding. The short front torso and longer back will make sense when you see it on. Check that there is no excess of fabric at the front of the chest or the back of the neck. You don’t want any bunching of material anywhere on the Mossa as pockets of air will not allow the quick transportation of your sweat.

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If in doubt about how it fits, go for a size down and see how that looks. You’ll know when you’ve got the right size as it will be skin tight and you’ll look like a pro!

Below is a guideline to Mossa sizes:

Measurements are from armpit to armpit, across the chest.

XS – Size 34″/44cm chest

S – Size 36″/46cm chest

M – Size 38″/48cm chest

L – Size 40″/50cm chest

XL – Size 42″/52cm chest

XXL – Size 44″ /54cm chest

XXXL – Size 46″/56cm chest


Measurements are the full circumference of the chest.

XXS – Size 30″/78cm chest

XS – Size 32″/82cm chest

S – Size 34″/86cm chest

M – Size 35.5″/90cm chest

L – Size 37″/94cm chest

XL – Size 38.5″/98cm chest


We would always advise trying on Parentini clothing before you buy, to ensure the correct fit and, therefore, optimum performance from the garment. This is particularly true for the Mossa.

You can find your nearest dealer here.


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