New Winter Kit 2015 – Introducing the Parentini winter jacket ranges


We have previously introduced the new Mossa.2, which is a heavier and warmer version of the original race performance Mossa. We feel these two high performing jackets should see most riders comfortably through a winter. However, some riders still prefer a classic, fleece lined, heavy jacket. There is no doubt in our opinion that the Mossa concept will see the classic fleece jacket disappear in a couple of years, but for those who have not tried the Mossa yet and want to choose a heavy jacket, Parentini offers two types:

Wind Shield range

  1. P2300
  2. P2500

Windtex Pesante range

  1. P5000
  2. P5100
  3. P9000 Bob Art

Fit and sizing
The Mossa is designed for racing and hard training (so is tailored for a more extreme position on the bike), whereas these heavier jackets feature a more traditional fit and look, so are ideal for slightly more relaxed riding. However, these jackets are still fitted and tailored performance garments. They need to fit the rider correctly. This is to eliminate bunching and enable the inner membranes to transport sweat efficiently. Any bunching up of the fabric will result in air pockets, which not only means sweat will not be transported efficiently, but will also result in a loss of heat in that area. So it is important to get the size and fit right on these jackets. Our advice is to try on at a dealer or shop.

Both jacket ranges continue Parentini’s precise sizing model. The design team dedicate a unique pattern for each jacket that takes into consideration the fabric’s natural behaviour, how it should fit on the body, and allow for any extra movement needed whilst on the bike.

The sizes run from XS to XXXL and are applicable for both Wind Shield and Windtex jackets:

Size 34″/44cm chest is XS

Size 36″/46cm chest is S

Size 38″/48cm chest is M

Size 40″/50cm chest is L

Size 42″/52cm chest is XL

Size 44″ /54cm chest is XXL

Size 46″/56cm chest is XXXL



The Wind Shield jackets in detail

Fabric and Technology
The Wind Shield range utilises an elastic tri-laminate fabric, using a soft and thick polyester Microfleece lining and a tough but soft outer shell. Sandwiched between is Vagotex’s Wind Shield membrane. As the name suggests, this is a windproof membrane, which stops cold air penetrating and allows sweat to escape easily. The outer fabric is finished with a water repellent treatment, which slows up the ingress of water. However, this range isn’t fully waterproof, but the Wind Shield membrane and inner fleece lining should mean you will stay warm and comfortable if you do get caught out in wet weather.


The Wind Shield range is designed to be a heavy windproof winter jacket. Both jackets in the range are packed with useful features and details:

  • Reflective safety piping on the back of the neck, front panel, across the chest, and over the rear pocket border. These jackets are highly visible in low light situations.
  • Two rear pockets with an extra rear Zip pocket.
  • Firm elastic waistband
  • High collar with soft fleece interior
  • A fully covered zip with an easy run system where it does not catch, Parentini placed the zip cover away from the runway and made it thicker.
  • Soft elastic armband, which is waterproof and sewn directly into the inside of the garment.


Colour options
The Wind Shield range features the P2300 and P2500 jackets. The only difference between these two is the overall design and colour ways. The options available are:

P2300 Range


  • V562A Orange body with black sleeve
  • V262B Flouro Green with black sleeve
  • V562C Black body with orange sleeve
    All three jackets feature red collar and cuff details.

P2500 Range


  • V563A Red body and outer sleeve
  • V563B Fluoro green body and green outer sleeve
  • V536C Full black with red collar and cuff details



Windtex Pesante Jackets in detail

Fabric and Technology
By now most of our readers will be familiar with the Windtex membrane characteristics and it’s performance as part of the Mossa concept. But whereas the Mossa is thin and light, the Windtex Pesante (Italian for ‘heavy’) jackets feature a thick and soft outer fabric with the classic microfleece inner. Sandwiched between these two fabrics is the Windtex membrane. This tri-laminate combination results in a much more insulated jacket, meaning the rider will maintain more body heat. Because of the fleece inner, breathability is slowed down too so that the thermal value remains high. It’s worth noting the special qualities of Windtex, it does not keep sweat close to the body, but instead the membrane draws sweat through and out to the outer fabric where it evaporates at a steady pace. The performance of Windtex is well-known to all Mossa owners. Rest assured these Windtex jackets have the same waterproof qualities.

The Windtex range does differ to the Wind Shield jackets in that the rear has a slightly longer back (in fact the back of the jacket is a similar design as a traditional road jersey), as this garment is aimed at riders who will train in extreme weather, and, therefore, needs to protect the lower back in a more aggressive riding position.


The Windtex range is designed to be an extreme winter jacket. All jackets in the range are packed with useful features and fine details:

  • Three rear elasticated pockets with an extra rear safety Zip pocket.
  • Dropped rear
  • Firm elastic waistband
  • High collar with soft fleece interior
  • A fully covered zip with no catch, easy run system – Parentini placed the zip cover away from the runway and made it thicker.


Colour options
The Windtex range features the P5000, P5100 and P9000 Bob Art jackets. They are identical in fabric and structure but vary in design and colour ways. They are 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable.

These options are available:

P5000 Range


  • V565A Orange body with black and white stripe details
  • V565B Navy blue body with orange and pale blue stripe details
  • V565C Black body with yellow and grey stripe details
    All three jackets feature contrasting collar and cuff details.

P5100 Range


  • V567A Yellow fluoro with black/white chequer detail
  • V567B Azzurri blue with black/white chequer detail
  • V567C Black with black/yellow fluoro chequer detail
    All three jackets feature contrast cuff details.

P9000 Range

P9000 – in both Pesante and Intermedia weights

  • V569A Orange body with grey arm stripes and black collar and cuffs
  • V569B Fluoro green body with white arm stripes and black collar and cuffs
  • V569C Navy blue body with pale blue arm stripes and red collar and cuffs
  • V569D Black body with grey arm stripes and red collar and cuffs
    All four jackets feature Bob Art graphic details to the chest, back and right sleeve.


Which jacket to choose?
The Wind Shield range was developed for riders who ride in cold but dry weather conditions, places like Denmark, where temperatures reach very low figures, thanks to bitterly cold winds. These jackets are also suited to riders who prefer the increased breathability of the Wind Shield laminate.

If you’re a rider who takes on whatever extreme weather nature can throw at you, and live in cold and wet areas (like the UK, Ireland and the Low Countries) choose the Windtex range.

Whichever you jacket choose, you’ll be guaranteed to stay very warm, even in sub-zero temperatures.


Ideal baselayers
These jackets are very warm, so you can get away with a thin baselayer like the U510A. It’s polypropylene and carbon yarn is more than sufficient in extreme temperatures, drawing any sweat away from your skin, leaving you dry and warm. If you do feel the cold, try the heavier U511B (Pesante) or a polypropylene/merino laminate baselayer. The fewer layers you wear, the more efficient the jacket will be – try not to use multiple layers. Parentini designs their garments to work as light as possible – you shouldn’t feel it on.


Ideal combinations:

Both jackets work well with:

  • Parentini Thermal Bib Tights (K-Dry water repellent new for 2016) – V574A
  • Thermal Socks – V463A
  • Neoprene P.5000 waterproof overshoes – V524A
  • Parentini Windtex P.5100 gloves – V579A



P2300 – €244/£189.00

P2500 – €220/£169.00

P5000 – €190.00/£145.00

P5100 – €190.00/£145.00

P9000 Bob Art (Pesante) – €190.00/£145.00

P9000 Bob Art (Intermedia) – €175.00/£139.00


Wash and care
As per Parentini’s wash and care instructions (more info HERE), these jackets should be washed in no higher temperature than 30deg. Using non-bio detergent and no softeners. Use a gentle spin cycle and make sure that any zips are closed and the garment is turned inside out. Please keep away from heat and do not dry over radiators. Parentini has a superb aftercare service, so in case you have an unfortunate fall or garment failure, Parentini will do their best to repair your garment.


Where to buy
Parentini is sold worldwide via a selective network of distribution, for more info please contact your local dealer. For more info consult this link.



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