New Summer Kit 2016 – Introducing Parentini’s heat bonded bibshorts

Parentini Tiger.2

Every brand has its hero products. Items that not only showcase the companies ethos, technology and production nous, but also positions where it wants to be heading in the future.

Parentini’s hero product is obviously the Mossa. But joining this high-performance garment are Parentini’s new range of bib shorts, which have been completely re-designed with new fabrics and more importantly for a hero product; new technology.

Because these new Tiger.2 and Shark.2 bib shorts feature the benefit of heat bonded seams.


Heat bonding technology
Apart from a couple of seams that are traditionally stitched, the Tiger.2 and Shark.2 shorts panels and straps are manufactured using heat bonding. This is a two step process where the edges of the shorts panels have a ‘glue strip’ applied. These panels are then brought together on a second machine that applies a high heat, melting the glue strip (which oozes into the two fabrics fibres) bonding the two pieces of material together. It’s all state-of-the-art, involving expensive machines that required heavy investment by Parentini. But this investment was justified, not only because this is where the future of some cycling garment manufacturing is heading, but also for the benefits ‘heat bonding’ brings.

Assembly machine

We all know that lycra is very stretchy. However, this elasticity is compromised when stitching is applied. Cotton thread doesn’t stretch anywhere near as much as lycra. And the more panels your shorts have, the less elasticity occurs because of stitching. This elasticity is important in cycle clothing, especially in bib shorts, where you want the garment to allow for movement, in the legs when pedalling but also the straps, so they don’t dig into your shoulders.

Applied Glue strip before assembly

Using heat and glue to bond panels together means more of the fabrics elasticity is retained. It means the leg grippers do a great job of keeping your shorts in place. And, most importantly, the bib straps stretch a great deal. This means taller riders can now get shorts to fit their legs and waist and not worry about the length because the new straps will allow for their height. No more ill-fitting bib shorts for taller riders! And for average sized riders, the heat bonded straps ensure a more comfortable ride, the elasticity allowing for changes of position and movement whilst on the bike.

Heat bonding machine

Another benefit to using heat-bonded seams is that the glue strip and the resulting seam is a lot thinner than a stitched equivalent. This reduced thickness means the seams don’t dig into the rider’s skin, resulting in no skin irritation and increased comfort.

All in all, these are the most comfortable shorts Parentini have ever produced. Tape adhesion

The bib shorts in detail



These are Parentini’s top of the range shorts. Ultra comfortable and supportive, intended for riders who spend long days in the saddle.

The Tiger.2s have been re-designed from the waist up, the straps and back panel now follow and allow for the anatomical shape of the rider’s torso. A new laminated lycra fabric has been used for the leg panels, featuring polyester on the inside and polymide on the outer. Called Granfondo Light, this fabric laminate ensures quicker transportation of sweat and heat, increased comfort and more support.

The back panel features a mesh fabric for quicker heat transportation, and there are little touches of reflective details.

As befits a top of the range short, the Tiger.2s use Parentini’s best pad – the ultra comfortable and high mileage C6 Flou.



Parentini’s best selling bib short, the Shark.2 also features a new fabric – a lightweight lycra/polyester mix of 40den yarn. The result is a lighter weight short that loses none of its predecessor’s comfort and muscle support.

As with the Tiger.2, the Shark. 2 features the same heat bonded technology and anatomical strap and torso design. Low profile leg grippers and reflective details complete the Shark.2s specification.

The Shark.2 uses Parentini’s race orientated C6 HT pad and comes in a selection of colours.


Fit and sizing:

Men (Height)

S    5’ 2” / 5’ 8” (160/175cm)

M   5’ 9” / 5’ 10” (176/180cm)

L  5’ 11” / 6’ (181/185cm)

XL 6’ 1” / 6’ 2” (186/188cm)

XXL 6’ 2” / 6’ 3” (189/190cm)

3XL 6’ 2” / 6’ 3” (189/190cm) But wider fitting


Colour options:

Parentini Tiger.2


  • V600A Black only



  • V601A Red with white stripe and leg grippers
  • V601B Black with white stripe
  • V601C Black with fluoro stripe
  • V601D Black



Tiger.2 – £135.00

Shark.2 – £105.00


Which bibshorts to choose?
If you want the ultimate comfort then opt for the Tiger.2. Featuring the C6 Flou pad these shorts will perform on a long distance event, particularly in hot weather. So the perfect choice for an Italian Gran Fondo or a UK sportive in the height of Summer. The Shark.2s have a more race orientated pad, so opt for these if you race short distance events like crits or time trials.

Wash and care:
As per Parentini’s wash and care instructions (more info HERE), these bibshorts should be carefully washed in no higher temperature than 30deg. Using non-bio detergent and no softeners. Use a gentle spin cycle. Please keep away from heat and do not dry over radiators. Parentini have a superb aftercare service, so in case you have an unfortunate fall or garment failure, Parentini will do their best to repair your garment.

Where to buy:
Parentini is sold worldwide via a selective network of distribution, for more info please contact your local dealer.






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