Never squeeze your gloves!

Never squeeze your gloves

There’s no doubt that if you want to progress as a cyclist, you have to ride in bad weather. And riding in bad weather means enduring the cold and rain. Now unless you’re wearing fully waterproof gloves eventually your hands will get wet. The main thing is that they stay warm, so make sure you choose gloves with a windproof membrane – this will stop the cold air from cooling down your wet gloves and your hands.

HOWEVER don’t succumb to the mistake myself and countless cycling friends have – NEVER squeeze the sodden gloves to wring out the water. Your hands will end up getting colder. Much like a diver’s wetsuit, you need a layer of warm, trapped air in your gloves to keep your hands comfortable. Squeezing your gloves seems to break this trapped air leaving your hands even colder. I’ve learnt the hard way and just let my gloves drip. It might be miserable but at least you’re warmer!

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