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Parernini P.5000 winter glove 2

Along with some other Parentini Test Team members, I’ve just started using the new Parentini P.5000 gloves. For Winter 2015/16, Parentini overhauled their gloves collection, paring the selection down to two very similar winter offerings, along with lighter gloves ideal for Autumn/Spring or as a second layer under their winter gloves.

I’m quite lucky in that I don’t suffer too badly with cold hands in the winter. On a really cold day with a chill wind the tips of my middle fingers can get numb, and this is more to do with these fingers catching the wind when I rest my hands on my Ergopower hoods. However, I have used bulky gloves in the past so receiving a pair of the thin P.5000 does make you wonder how your digits will survive. But you don’t need to worry. Just like their other technical garments, Parentini have put a lot of thought and design into the fabric choice and fit of these gloves. And out on the road, it shows.

Parernini P.5000 winter glove detail 2

The P.5000 gloves (and their sister, the P.5100s) are made from an elastic laminate material, that has a Windtex core. Like the Mossa’s Storm Shield laminate fabric, it means the gloves are windproof and waterproof. And similar to the Mossa.2’s fabric, the P.series winter gloves laminate features an inner soft brushed fleece. This addition doesn’t add much bulk to the gloves but does add a lovely, warm and inviting environment for your hands. Getting the thickness of Winter gloves right is a tricky act. You want them to be warm but at the same time, you need to get some feedback and feeling when using the gear and brake levers. Parentini’s choice of material strikes the perfect balance.

Parernini P.5000 winter glove detail

As with all Parentini kit, the production quality is excellent, and the graphics well placed and striking. However, it’s the attention to detail that is more telling with these gloves. Parentini have approached their gloves as a system, not only with the ability to use inner liner gloves, but also to work with their winter jackets. The use of an elastic material means the gloves can cope with using an inner liner glove, the ideal choice being the V526A Polypropylene version, which makes sense, as this is exactly the same baselayer material Parentini recommend for the Mossa.

The gloves also feature an extra long cuff. Again, this is designed to work with the whole Winter jacket range. These jackets feature a cuff that is soft and elastic but does not feature the Windtex membrane, so the longer cuff of the P.5000 gloves offers protection to this jacket sleeve area, along with protecting the seam between the jackets cuff and sleeve.

Parernini P.5000 winter glove 1

All in all it’s a clever design, and the perfect complement to Parentini winter jackets and jersey’s. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t suffer too badly with cold hands, so I’ll leave the last words from one of the Test Team members who does have problems in the winter. Surely the best test of a gloves performance is from someone who suffers from Raynauds Disease:

I have always suffered from cold hands during bad weather and when I first reviewed my Mossa I commented that “I wish there were tiny Mossa’s for hands” well now there is. I have used them for a couple of months during the Winter storms and despite their lightweight feel they have performed brilliantly, keeping my hands dry and toasty. I have used a pair of the Parentini light weight gloves underneath them whenever the temperature has dropped below 5 degrees or so just in case and this combo has worked a treat. Using these gloves together means that if I have to take them off for any reason the second pair stops my fingers losing circulation and turning white which is what usually happens with previous gloves.

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