Mossa time


Despite the unusual mild November temperatures, we’re now seeing ideal Mossa weather. Wet, windy and tough! Riders, myself included, are either getting their jacket’s back out of their wardrobe, or just getting delivery of a brand new Mossa. I’ve worn mine three times this week already – it’s like being reacquainted with an old friend. Dependable, charming and good company.

Other rider’s, like Mark, are just beginning a new relationship with their Mossa:

A quick email to say the Mossa arrived yesterday just in time for my first night-time ride. It was probably ideal conditions to test ride it – relatively mild but temperature dropping during the ride, quite blustery and with occasional short showers. The jacket lived up to its hype. I was a comfortable temperature for all the nearly 3 hours we were out, dry through the showers, and the wind didn’t get through on the descents. It was noticeable how different my arms felt where I had the jacket covering them and where I had my (now quite old) arm warmers. I suspect I may well be coming back to you for some arm warmers to match the jacket before too long!

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