Mossa.2 coming into it’s own


So in the UK, we’ve finally got past the incessant rain, and temperatures are now hovering and dipping below freezing. These are the temperatures where the Mossa.2 performs well, meaning many riders are now using theirs frequently and are literally glowing about them. This jacket is warm!

We’ve had some great feedback from G., a recent Mossa.2 convert:

On another note, used the Mossa.2 during the cold snap in the last week with the spring/autumn base layer I bought from you and I was toasty, never had a jacket that warm and light and comfortable. Definitely a Parentini convert!!!

And following on from his very positive review of the Mossa, Roubaix Cycling has turned his attention to the Mossa.2:

This is a very good jacket indeed and what I think is particularly important to conclude on is this, Parentini deserve to be taken very seriously. They’re producing some really well thought out pieces of kit. Too non-committal for you? Ok, if I had to choose then, personally, I prefer the style of this jacket to the rather plain Alpha. It flatters me a little more and it’s that little bit warmer for the really cold days. You might prefer the looks of the Alpha, and that’s ok. We’d live in an odd world if we all had to conform. But I was never all that keen on conforming anyway.

You can read Roubaix’s full review here.

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