In praise of the P2100


There’s been a lot of praise lavished on the Mossa jacket – and rightly so. However it is a performance jacket, and works very well when you are working hard and building up your own heat. But what about those days that are below freezing, or the days when you aren’t riding hard, and instead are doing a recovery ride or winter cafe ride?

Or those days when you know there’s snow on the way but you go out anyway because you’d rather stick blunt matches in your eyes than endure a turbo session? Yep, this was the day when I was glad I had my P2100 jacket on.

The Parentini P2100 is a heavy winter jacket. Made of a fleece/windtex laminate, you instantly know when you pick it up that this is a very warm item of clothing. In fact I find it too warm – reserving it for very cold days, days when I’m aiming to go very slowly or days when I stubbornly go out in weather I know I shouldn’t. But I suppose this decision was taken because I knew I’d be OK in my P2100. It’s very high fleece lined collar means you don’t get any chills on your neck, the windtex laminate means you’re protected from the icy wind, rain and snow, and the inner brush lined material keeps you toasty. It’s so warm I only need a thin Parentini thermal on. Years ago to endure a snow encrusted ride meant wearing three or four layers and resembling the Michelin Man – these days I can leave the house looking smart and respectable and athletic – the anatomic cut of the P2100 results in a very comfortable and forgiving jacket.

P2100 Zip

It’s beautifully finished, with smart quality zips, two rear pockets and a zipped valuables pocket, and flashes of reflective piping, for the days when you need to stand out in a blizzard.

P2100 Pockets

Unfortunately the P2100 is no longer made. But you don’t have to worry as it’s been superseded by the new P2300 and P5000 for winter 2015.

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