Another glowing review for the Mossa



On top of the praise already lavished on the all weather Mossa jacket, we’ve been sent another glowing review. It’s a very in-depth review and test, but this snippet gives you an idea of Roubaix Cycling’s thoughts on the Mossa:

The Mossa was excellent in keeping me temperate. A true Goldilocks jacket. Whether I was descending or ascending, riding tempo or small recovery, I just felt exactly the same. Whenever I found myself in a cross or head wind I couldn’t feel any penetration at all. Whenever it rained nothing found its way in. The neck gets a particular shout out here. It’s very snug but not uncomfortably so. It maximises protection and makes sure that water can’t make its way in. It’s quite high as well which really assists in that shield like protection.  In the conditions in which it’s intended to be worn it worked perfectly. I felt dry, sufficiently warm and, above all, protected from the elements.

You can read the rest of Chris’s excellent review and blog here.

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