Accessories can make or break an outfit

Putting on the transparent K-Dry jacket

North East Test Team member Karl Denton, tells us in his own unique way, about his latest Parentini garments:

Leg and arm warmers can be an often over looked and neglected part of any serious cyclists’ wardrobe but as the title suggests they can make or break an outfit.

I despair for my non single friends as they wait for their wives/husbands/partners to decide on the correct shoe/bag/scarf combo before a night out. Well I must admit I can sometimes be just as indecisive before a night on the town. Not before an autumnal bike ride now though I just slip on my new Parentini leg warmers. The smooth soft roubaix material glides effortlessly over freshly shaved legs reminding me of when I used to roll on a pair of silk stockings during my drag queen days. The fit is perfect as well due to the anatomic cut and design, this means my leg warmers are shaped like a cyclists leg. They have a natural L shape even before you roll them on and not only that they go all the way up my leg. Yes, a leg warmer that covers all your leg, not just half way up your thigh. So no more annoying and unsightly thigh muffin tops during the months when I’m carrying my winter plumage. It all sounds so obvious but I have had many leg warmers that do neither of these basic leg warmer things.

Parentini leg warmers

An essential on all my rides of late has been my K-Dry race cape which now sits (in a rolled up compact package) in my centre jersey pocket or Mossa pocket just in case of any sudden changes of weather or any mechanical stops. It also comes in handy for the first few minutes after a café stop to help the body warm up again. Its semi-transparent waterproof and breathable material reminds me of Iggy Pops see through trousers and just like Mr Pops’ trousers it fits like a glove with no flappy baggy bits that catch in the wind – unlike Mr Pop. It does remind me of the clothing I used to slip on for the Fetish night down the local pub, thankfully it does not leave me as sweaty. 

The K-Dry light jacket packs up small!

My lovely leg warmers also come in a K-Dry water repellent option which I can pair up with K-Dry shorts for the full fetish ensemble which will come in handy soon, because as we and the men of ‘The Night’s Watch’ know all too well, winter is coming, and I say “let it come”. Because as the saying goes “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”.

Comfortable Parentini legwarmers

You can view the K-Dry jacket in more detail here and Parentini’s full accessories (including the above leg warmers) here.


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