2015 Mossa – a comparison

Mossa comparison

I’ve just taken delivery of the tweaked 2015 version of the Mossa. Like all Parentini products, Elite riders of the RusVelo and Danish National squads, (alongside the various members of the Test Team) have given their feedback on the original Mossa.

Despite the high performance, all weather jacket being launched last year to great acclaim, the design team at Parentini are always striving to improve their garments. So taking onboard the insight gained from high-level competition, the team introduced some tweaks to the Mossa’s fit and design for Winter 2015.

My new Mossa is the custom Test Team version, so before trying on and testing it out on the road, I thought I’d compare and contrast it side to side with my original Mossa.

First off, my new version features a different fabric finish. This different outer shell of the waterproof tri-laminate fabric enables the jacket to be printed. The Mossa is unique for an all-weather jacket – team and club designs can be fully printed. Meaning all riders can proudly race and train in their club colours fully protected from the elements.

The other differences are a little more subtle.

Mossa body length comparison

Firstly, the front of the jacket has been lengthened by about 2-3 cms. The Mossa is designed as a performance jacket and is therefore anatomically cut so that it fits perfectly when in a more aggressive, low position on the bike. This anatomic design results in no bunching of material, increasing the technical performance, however, some riders found the original length was too short, so the extra cms add protection.

The second tweak is to the arm length. Despite the supreme stretch of the Mossa’s fabric, some riders with long arms were finding the original sleeve length too short. As you can see from the photo, the arm length has been increased by about 3-4cms.

Mossa arm length comparison

So, do these design tweaks add to the performance of the Mossa? Out on the road I didn’t notice the extra length to the body, but then again, I didn’t have a problem with my original Mossa. The main thing is that the extra length didn’t cause problems to the fit, and certainly didn’t cause any bunching up of material.

However, the extra sleeve length is a great tweak. My original Mossa’s arms were just about long enough, but I had to stretch the sleeves to get them to cover my wrist. The new sleeves are perfect. They sit just right on the wrist and more importantly the cuff seam is now protected by my glove cuffs, which adds extra protection.

The Mossa was already a superb jacket. The new tweaks have improved it even more – it’s even more comfortable, and still performs to keep you #mossaprotected.

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