Summer 017 Collection

Summer 017 - Rio 2016

Summer 017 – Rio 2016

All the SUMMER 017 collection NEWS. Sets, Jerseys, MOSSA “Ognitempo”, Shorts, Accessories and all the Bob Art new items.



Into the SUMMER 017 Collection we have two different Jerseys,  ELASTIC FRESCO and P.UNO; four different Shorts, Man and Woman, TIGER.2, SHARK.2, P.UNO.2 and P.UNO;  and a complete range of accessories between which are in evidence the Lycra Gloves.
ELASTIC FRESCO Jersey realized with FRESCO Fabric, FRONT and BACK and MESH ELASTIC MICRON on the sleeves; MICROFIBER MULTIBAVA Polyester, False mesh NON-RUN structure for a better BREATHABILITY, the maximum LIGHTNESS, and a better COMFORT, with special patterns to obtain the best fitting and an optimum movement. The NON-RUN Fabric structure avoid any possibility of Runs, with a better resistence to the Abrasions. Jersey realized with a new Elastic Band at the end of the arms with the Grip material knitted directly inside. Light and flat for improved aerodynamics.

Mossa "Ognitempo" Gilet

Mossa “Ognitempo” Gilet

Short sleeves jersy and Gilet MOSSA “Ognitempo”. “MOSSA” it is a new way of getup in AUTUMN/WINTER, practically perfect for all the seasons. The “MOSSA” line is realized with ELASTICIZED fabric, with WINDTEX membrane, windproof, waterproof, breathable with water-repellent treatment “HYDRO”, protective, light and elastic like a second skin. The product achieves the desired results if it fits tightly to the body and it works “allweather” since it transports Your OWN SWEAT out, becoming a thermoregulator. The WINDTEX membrane absorbs the SWEAT and evaporates, it remains warm and, at the same time, it guarantees You an optimum breathability.

Tiger.2 Bib Shorts

Tiger.2 Bib Shorts

The Tiger.2 Bibs Shorts, Top of the range, is now made with all new fabric: GRANFONDO LIGHT. The fabric features two plies of materials: polyester on the inside and polyamide on the outer side; this sophisticated construction system allows for quicker respiration and heat release with maximum comfort guaranteed. The fabric- GF LIGHT maintains, as on all our TIGER range, Muscular Curb, resistance and elasticity, reducing the compression.

The Shark.2 Bib short, our best seller, also features new fabrics and is made with a new 40den yarn; the result is a light fabric, with the same, well-known, previous characteristics: muscular containment, resistance and elasticity with improved comfort.
The Bibs anatomy changed from the waistline to the shoulders. Effectively the garment has been completely re designed. The new design features an anatomical shape that follows the muscular fasciae of the chest and of the abdomen.

The border/tape of the bibs is now applied with a thermal taping system/bonding, no longer with a traditional sewing method. The thermal bonding/taping system, thanks to the glue that melts at a high temperature, allows the fabric to maintain its full elasticity; While as the traditional sewing is in contrast creates resistance. The thickness of the border/tape is considerably reduced; it is softer, reducing the friction with the skin to almost nil. As one of our Pro riders said, “These Bib Shorts fit perfectly. They don’t move around and you don’t feel its on your body”.

The elastic band/anti ride-up remains the same type of band used to date, very elasticated – what has changed is the application to the shorts and is now applied with the same thermal bonding system to give to the legs more freedom of movement. The thickness of the thermal bonding is reduced, compared to the traditional sewing and offers more flexibility. This new system also reduces the friction with the body near to zero.

The P.UNO.2 Bib Shorts. Shorts realized with a fabric, with characteristics of muscolar containment, resistance and elasticity. Realized with an Elastic Band at the end of the legs. Light and flat for improved aerodynamics.

You can view the Summer Collection 017 in more detail (Sets, Jersey, 40th Limited Edition, Limited Edition, Mossa “Ognitempo”, Shorts, Accessories, Bob Art Collection) here.

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