What is the difference between the Tiger.2 and Shark.2 bibtights?

This week we have been promoting our two performance bibtights. Apart from the logos and a few little visual details there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two items. So we thought we’d enlighten you about the items respective qualities and performance benefits.

Tailoring and cut

Both the Tiger.2 and Shark.2 have the same anatomic cuts that ensure maximum comfort. They also feature a high waist which gives the benefit of extra warmth on the stomach and lower back. They also have the same anatomical strap shape and manufacturing technique. The straps are heat bonded. This ensures the straps are very stretchy and flexible offering ultimate comfort.


The Tiger.2 use a 2 ply Thermo Roubaix fabric. A plush thermolite polyester inner gives extra warmth and the polymide outer offers great breathability. This means the Tiger.2 is good down to temperatures of -5º so ideal for very cold climates or cyclists who don’t generate much heat when riding.

The Shark.2 uses the Super Roubaix fabric. This is a very stretchy and plush roubaix fabric but a little lighter weight than the Thermo fabric. This means the Shark.2 is good down to -2º so is a good choice for milder days or even in early Spring and late Autumn. They’re also a good choice for a cyclist who rides hard or generates a lot of heat when they’re riding.


The Tiger.2 bibtight uses the ultra comfort C6 Flou pad. This is a triple layered pad, ideal for long days in the saddle.

The Shark.2’s use the C6 HT pad. Again this is a triple layered pad, but its cut and shape is more suited to riding in a more ‘aggressive’ position. So this is a good pad for more performance or race orientated riders.

You can find out more details about our pad range here http://www.parentinitestteam.com/senza-categoria/a-guide-to-parentinis-pads/


Both bibtights feature elastic foot loops that ensure the tights cover the ankle and lower leg correctly when riding. They also benefit from an upper mesh back that helps to regulate body temperature and transfer sweat to the outer layer(s).

Water repellency

The Shark.2 also comes in a K-Dry version. This features our Hydro DWR treatment offering extra protection when riding. The water repellent qualities ensures a rider’s legs stay drier for longer meaning they stay warmer and can complete their ride or training session.

Which one to choose?

Obviously you can choose whichever bibtight you like! But as a guide, the Tiger.2 is perfect for colder days or longer winter rides at a steadier pace. The Shark.2 and Shark.2 K-Dry is best suited to a cyclist who rides hard or completes short but hard training sessions in all weathers.

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