Sonia – Stampa di trasferimento

Last week’s video, showed Gianluca, one of our graphic designers designing and printing the heat transfer sheets. These printed sheets are then handed to our next highly experienced memebr of staff – Sonia. Her job entails transfering the design and the colour to the actual pre-cut fabric panels. This process involves carefully placing the fabric panels onto the printed sheets and then applying heat through a press. The heat melts the ink in the printed sheets and transfers the colour across to the fabric. Sonia then skillfully unpeels the fabric panels and ties them up together ready for the next stage of the production process.

You can read a little more about Sonia below:

Sonia, how long have you worked at Parentini?
26 years.

Are you from the Montopoli In Val d’Arno area?
Yes I live in Montopoli In Val d’Arno.

What is your job at Parentini?
To be jolly! But I’m also in charge of transfer printing and heat-bonding the bibshort shoulder straps and the hems.

Why do you like working at Parentini?
Because the working conditions are good and there is a great relationship between the owners and employees. We’re like one big family.

Who’s your favourite cyclist (past or present)?
Gino Bartali.

What’s your favourite item from the 2019 Summer Collection?
The Piuma woman’s jersey. I think it’s a beautiful and contemporary design and I helped by printing the various fabric panels and applying the elastic.

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