Maria Pia – Sarta

Meet Maria Pia. She is one of our highly experienced tailors. Not only can Maria sew to a very high standard, she is also a skilled pattern cutter. She prepares and cuts the various panels from the fabrics that make up the garments. In this video, you can see Maria sewing our new deep elasticated hem to the front panels of a jersey. The hem roll is fed into the sewing machine from above, where Maria expertly and carefully sews the two items together, before cutting the hem roll, ready for the next jersey.

How long have you worked at Parentini?
28 years.

Are you from the Montopoli In Val d’Arno area?
No, I live in Ponte a Egola, San Miniato.

What is your job at Parentini?
I work at the cutting and sewing machines. I cut out the panels ready for Sonia to print the graphics, and when she’s finished, she hands them back to me for sewing!

Why do you like working at Parentini?
The owners are passionate about what they do and we have good working conditions. We have fun but we’re also serious about producing the best product we can.

Who’s your favourite cyclist (past or present)?
Francesco Moser.

What’s your favourite item from the 2019 Summer Collection? And how did you contribute?
The Piuma woman’s jersey is my favourite. It was a pleasure making this beautiful design.

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