Gianluca – Graphic design

Over the next weeks, we would like to introduce you to some of our highly experienced staff. They will show you how they each bring their skills and talents to each stage of the production process, so you get some insight into how your performance cycle clothing is made, and how much care and attention we give to every small detail of our processes.

First up is Gianluca Menciassi. He is one of the talented members of the highly creative graphic design team. It is his job to not only produce ideas for the new collections, but he also takes cycling clubs and teams scribbled and sketched ideas and produces striking and stunning custome team wear.

Gianluca, how long have you worked at Parentini?
4 years.

Are you from the Montopoli In Val d’Arno area?
No, I live in Ponsacco in the province of Pisa.

What is your job at Parentini?
I’m part of the Parentini graphic studio along with my colleague Alessio. There are a lot of aspects to my role such as garment design, artwork, the printing of the actual fabrics and products, the catalogue layouts and the management of the e-commerce site and social media. Most of my working day is taken up by artworking my designs ready to print. Once the design has been finalised, the graphics must be scaled up to actual size and positioned on the various panels that make up the garment to be manufactured. On a jersey, for example, I have to position the graphics correctly on the chest, on the back, on the sides, on the sleeves, on the neck and on the pockets, always paying attention so the result is perfect on all sizes, from XXS to 5XL. Once this is all finalised I can proceed with the printing of the final artwork onto a special transfer paper, which are then used to transfer the graphics onto the fabric.

Why do you like working at Parentini?
I have always been interested in design. In my first job, I worked a lot on advertising design; then at Parentini, I discovered that I prefered designing sportswear. Seeing the finished products I’ve designed, gives me a lot of satisfaction, even more so when I see cyclists wearing them on the road on TV or even the Olympics!

Who’s your favourite cyclist (past or present)?
Marco Pantani.

What’s your favourite item from the 2019 Summer Collection?
TWe’ve worked really hard on this new collection. New product lines have been designed with modern graphic elements. We’ve studied on trend colour palettes and with a lot of refinement have finished up with some very impressive products. I find it difficult to choose my favorite garment from the new collection as they’re all like my own children! But if I had to choose, I’d go for the Perle jersey, both in men’s and women’s versions. This design required more effort than others in the artwork phase: it is based on a “tone on tone” pattern, that is a decorative motif that can be replicated to infinity, created with a combination of colors having the same tonality, but with a difference in intensity. I would definitely choose the “avio” blue, it’s certainly on trend at the moment. I’m also proud of the Vita collection, a design I’ve progressed from the last winter collection, it’s simple, modern and has great impact. I also have a soft spot for the Boys Pirate jersey. It takes me back a few years to when I followed the great achievements of Marco Pantani in the Giro d’Italia. This graphic is in homage to his legendary nickname.

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