Debora – Quality control

After all our expert craftsmen have produced the garments, it is Debora’s job to make sure they are checked for quality, finished and packed correctly, ready for distribution. She has the responsibility to ensure the order is picked and sent to the correct customers and arrives in good condition. Up to the point where the orders leave the factory, Debora gives all her care and attention.

Debora is another very experienced colleague having been with Parentini for 11 years, and has perfected many techniques for folding and packing the garments, including bibshorts and bibtights. As you no doubt know, these are very difficult items to fold, so please follow Debora’s technique in the video so you can fold and care for your bibshorts correctly. It may take you a lot of practice to get as fast as Debora though!

Find out a little bit more about Debora here

How long have you worked at Parentini?
11 years

Are you from the Montopoli In Val d’Arno area?
Yes I’m from Montopoli In Val d’Arno.

What is your job at Parentini?
I check and finish the garments, pack them and make sure they are distributed to the right customer.

Why do you like working at Parentini?
I like to see the creative process of new garments being made.

Who’s your favourite cyclist (past or present)?
Marco Pantani.

What’s your favourite item from the 2019 Summer Collection?
And how did you 
I like the whole Summer collection, the clothes are very innovative, beautiful and very comfortable. I checked, finished, packaged and personally quality controlled all the garments!

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