Daiana – Sarta

Daiana is another of our multi-talented worker’s. Here you can see her skilfully and carefully fit a full length zip to one of our Test Team jersey’s. It takes experience and skill to make sure the zip fits vertically so the jersey sits on the rider correctly. In a later video we will also see Daiana operating one of our heat bonding machines, a skill she has picked up since she started at Parentini five years ago.

How long have you worked at Parentini?
5 years.

Are you from the Montopoli In Val d’Arno area?
Yes I am a Tuscan from Montopoli.

What is your job at Parentini?
I fit the various zips to all the garments and I also operate the heat bonding machine to help produce the bibshort straps.

Why do you like working at Parentini?
I love producing great performing and nice looking cycle clothing that customers want to buy.

Who’s your favourite cyclist (past or present)?
Marco Pantani.

What’s your favourite item from the 2019 Summer Collection? And how did you contribute?
The Vita bodysuit. It was a bit of a challenge fitting the full length zip but it was worth it as it’s such an innovative garment.

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