Daiana – Heat bonding

Here is another step in the production of a pair of bibshorts. We have already met Daiana, and again, she is another of our multi-skilled workforce. As well as being a very talented seamstress, Daiana has also been trained to use our heat bonding taping machine. In this video you can see Daiana edging the bibshort straps.

A pre-impregnated tape is rolled carefully onto a heated wheel that glues the tape to the strap. As well as finishing the straps in a very nice aesthetic way, this technique also ensures the highly stretchy qualities of lycra are maintained, which means our straps are highly flexible yet supportive. These qualities are what make our shorts perform so well, being supremely comfortable and ensuring a perfect fit for even the tallest of cyclists.

Our next video will show the final part of bibshort production and is arguably one of the hardest techniques – fitting the pad.

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