Since Parentini started engineering cycle wear in 1976, they’ve always appreciated feedback. Working with professional squads like Del Tongo, Ariostea and Mapei meant they could tap into the insight of elite level riders, helping them improve and perfect their garments. Realising this was a great R&D process, they started their own Parentini Test Team. This squad ride the prestigious Gran Fondo circuit in Italy, testing the performance of the cycle wear within a tough competitive environment under extreme conditions.

The Parentini Test Team isn’t an exclusive squad though. If you buy and own an item of Parentini clothing, then you become a member of the Test Team family. We encourage feedback and reviews from any cyclist who wears Parentini, wherever they live in the world.

This website will feature all feedback from riders, and also tests, reviews, clothing guides, hints and tips and Test Team news. We aim to make this website the go-to place for any rider wanting knowledge and information about cycle clothing.

You can help us in that aim.

Meet the UK Parentini Test Team 

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